As a lot of you know, our beautiful Island is still in a state of emergency after the devastation from Hurricane Maria. We have gathered goods and donations to send to the island. With your donations, you will help us with shipping costs and equipment to secluted communities that need it the most. You can also purchase an Azucenas print, 100% of the proceeds will go to Puerto Rico as well. Thanks in advanced! 

Azucenas Print for Hurricane Maria Relief

Azucenas is a flower that blossoms in sunny Puerto Rico. Lots of women use it around the house to cleanse and take out bad vibes and to give their rooms a great smell that brings ease and peace of mind. To us, it's a  representation of the nostalgia that comes with moving to another country in the looks of a better life, but always having your island spirit inside. As some of you know, our island was destroyed by hurricane María last week and we are doing everything we can to help. 100% of the profits will be donated to hurricane Maria relief organizations.

- Limited edition, a total of 20 prints numbered, laminated and signed by Polet Guzmán


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